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We try to keep the website updated as regularly as possible. Because we are primarily a high street shop, some products will go out of stock before we have chance to change the site. On the other hand, products may come in stock and not show on the site. If your purchase becomes unavailable  we will contact you to arrange a replacement or cancelation.

If theres something you dont see please contact us to see if it is available.

Weights and preperation

When you choose a weight from the drop down menus for each product please bear in mind that this is a pre prep weight and if a preperation option is chosen this will come off the total weight.

e.g chosen weight = 1 kg

skin/boned loss = 150gm

total weight recieved = 850gm approx

Please account for this when selecting a weight.

Our advice is that 250g is the average portion size per person. for a main meal, prepared and filleted. This goes for the majority of fish and seafood and is roughly the equivalent of what you would recieve if in a restaraunt.  Starters can vary from this down to around 150gm. You would expect to recieve around 100gm of prawns in a Prawn cocktail or 70/80gm for a prawn sandwich.

Dont take this as law though!! Everyone is different. I know i am!!

Pre-prepared Products

When you choose to have a product pre prepared such as Skinned , boned or any other in the options  for that product, be aware that although the greatest of care has been taken, some remnants may remain.  Prepared crab products may also contain some small fragments of shell.

If any of our products listed are unavailable, you will not be able to add them to your basket. In this case, wait until available or contact us.